Driving Courses

Passing your driving test is a great achievement but newly qualified drivers often lack the confidence to venture out of town or onto the motorway.  George offers additional lessons to help you develop your new driving skills and to help you stay safer on the road.  If you've passed your test a while ago, refresher lessons can be a great way to regain your confidence.

MotorwayMotorway Lessons

Motorway driving can be a daunting experience for a new driver, and indeed even for many drivers.  Since learners are not allowed to drive on the motorway during lessons, there is no opportunity to practice what you learn in the theory test.  Taking a motorway lesson after you pass your test is highly recommended and George will guide you through the various skills including joining and leaving the motorway, lane discipline, overtaking and speed.

TractorCountry Roads

Driving on rural roads can be very different from being in town as there are other situations to consider.  Taking a lesson on driving in the country will help you with safe overtaking, handling winding roads and sharp bends, observation skills and rural traffic.

ParkingParking Skills

In today's busy streets it's hard to find a good parking space and if your parking skills are limited this can very frustrating.  New drivers will often look for a big gap or a faraway corner of the car park rather than reversing into a space, but this isn't always possible or practical.  Older drivers may not have had to learn parallel parking or bay parking since this was introduced to the driving test later on.  George's parking skills course will help you overcome these difficult manoevres.

RoundaboutRefresher Courses

If you've taken your test some time ago but had little driving experience, or if you've had an accident or illness preventing you from driving, you might find it difficult to get back out on the road.  George provides refresher lessons to help you get confident with your driving again.

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